Sherlock Holmes at the Nature and Science Museum


Recently, I visited the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I was immediately impressed with the overall look of the exhibit. From the dark, gloomy feel (London) to the soft music playing in the background, it felt like I had literally stepped foot into one of the books. There were scenes, with objects from the books, including the bearskin rug and Sherlock’s infamous pipes.  Not only are they fun to see, but you can also check those things off in your “detectives’ notebook”.

This notebook will also come in handy as you work with your companions to solve a murder. You also receive a message from Sherlock himself! The other aspect that sets this exhibit aside from others, is how interactive it is. It is very ‘hands-on’. Whether it’s experimenting in ballistics and forensics, or taking rubbings and stamping your book, there is always something that you are doing.

At the end of the exhibit, you learn about Sherlock in today’s pop culture. Read all about TV shows and movies related to Sherlock himself. Then, learn about how forensic methods are still related to those of Sherlock, and how they were influenced by him.

Overall,  this new exhibit is exceptionally creative, and very hands on, with the overall theme of observation. So grab your magnifying glass, pack your pipe, and head down to the Nature and Science museum for a fun outing at the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit!