Hilo, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth


In the graphic novel, “Hilo, the Boy Who Crashed to Earth,” by Judd Winick, D.J is portrayed as an ordinary boy who, unlike his busy family, isn’t “good at anything.” D.J. has a friend named Gina, a girl that he’s been neighbors with since they were two. They did the best things together, and D.J felt like he was a part of something, until Gina moved. Three years later, something out of this world happened.

A streak of yellow light cascades towards Earth and crashes just outside D.J’s house. He races towards it and finds Hilo, the boy in silver underwear, who triggers a lightning-like bolt of energy when D.J tries to help him out of the crater he has created. D.J. takes the mysterious boy to his house and the next day they go to school together. There D.J spots Gina and learns that she came back to his school. Now the squad is back together, and just in time. Weird bugs crash in from another dimension and Hilo is being hunted down by an evil monster. Can they stop the monsters from invading Earth and destroying their new best friend?

“Hilo, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth,” by Judd Winick, is a fast paced graphic novel that is perfect for reading under the covers. Though there are very little words, every chapter will leave your fingers itching to turn the page.

This book is for anyone who needs a friend or a bit of adventure in their lives. Anyone can read it and it doesn’t require a large vocabulary. It definitely lifted my spirits while I was reading because of the comical pretense of the pictures and the elementary things Hilo didn’t know. One of the parts that I enjoyed the most was when Hilo tried to eat D.J’s shoes, but refrained because of how badly they stank. I can’t wait for the sequel, and I know that you should read about Hilo’s adventures too. It will brighten even the toughest hearts.