Trapped! (In The Heart of a Mountain)


Imagine you are trapped 2,300 feet underground with 32 other people. Your food supply is enough to last three days for everyone. Your only exit is blocked by a huge rock twice the size and weight of the Empire State Building. It is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and chances of survival are slim. What do you do? Wait it out? Go insane? Break down and cry?

“The 33” is a movie based on a real event that happened in Chile in 2010. Thirty-three miners were trapped underground after a mining accident in the Atacama desert. After 69 days, the miners were rescued by one of three international drilling teams funded by the Chilean government (the American team). The Canadian and Australian teams failed to reach the miners after their drills broke down.

Matt Staffe, Jeff Hart, and Jorge Herrera, three men who were part of the American drilling team, attended the movie preview on October 29th at the Century Boulder movie theater. All three men were pleased with how the movie was put together. Jorge Herrera commented on the accuracy of the script, saying: “We don’t know what happened underground. […] On the surface, I’d say it’s about 50% [accurate].”

The special effects were very realistic. For example, the falling rocks and machinery when the mine collapsed were impressive. The costumes and makeup were very believable, such that I almost thought that someone had stuck a camera into the mountain and filmed the miners.

If you like dramatic movies, then this is the movie for you, because it is very intense. From me, this movie gets 10 out of 10 stars because it was similar to the real event, and it had me at the edge of my seat. Overall, I thought it was excellent, and worth watching.  “The 33” will be released in the U.S. on November 13th, and it is rated PG-13 for mild swearing.