You’ll Go (Pea)Nuts for This Movie


‘The Peanuts Movie’ is about Charlie Brown, a little round-headed kid who can never do anything right. (If you didn’t know this about him, then you probably know next to nothing about ‘Peanuts.’ Go look it up.) However, one day his luck seems to change. A new kid (the Little Red-Haired Girl) moves in across the street, and this seems like the perfect chance to start over, and make a good first impression. Charlie Brown then promptly knocks over an entire fence, to his dismay. He does not quit, though. Throughout the movie, he constantly tries to impress his crush, the Little Red-Haired Girl, and constantly ends up embarrassing himself in one way or another.


The whole Peanuts gang is still there. Lucy can be found giving psychiatric help and being crazy about Schroeder, Linus always carries his blanket everywhere, and Pigpen is still in his personal dirt cloud, so the characters haven’t changed much. Snoopy, as always, chases the Red Baron atop his doghouse. This time, he imagines himself falling in love with a beautiful pilot named Fifi, and both of them run into trouble. The Red Baron ends up capturing Fifi, and Snoopy has to save her. The scenes in Snoopy’s imagination are interspersed throughout the entire movie, and they’re more or less a microcosm of the plot of the rest of the movie.


The animation was unbelievably detailed in some parts. The scenery in Snoopy’s imagination while he’s battling The Red Baron is particularly vivid, more so than the rest of the movie. I also enjoyed the detail of the trees and shrubs. Wind blowing, smoke billowing, and propellers spinning, all looked incredible, but still capturing the style and charm of Schulz’s original cartoons.


This ninety-six minute film is chock-full of comedy. I couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning because it was joke after joke. I highly recommend this movie for adults and children of all ages that need a good laugh. ‘The Peanuts Movie’ is in theaters on November 6th.