Cool at First, But Not So Much as You Keep Exploring


Everyone loves a cool toy that’s both interactive and allows the imagination to fly, which is exactly what the Playmobil City Action Fire Station gives. At least that’s what it does at first impression.

The toy consists of a fully equipped fire engine and fire station and 3 people. It includes a hose, ladder, sliding pole, desk, workstation, drivers compartment, and working sirens, lights and alarms. The amount of detail absolutely amazed me. The downside of all that detail is lots of small pieces, which is why this would not be a good toy for really little kids who might put things in their mouth.

The other downside of this toy is that it doesn’t come fully assembled, and the directions are very unhelpful. They include only pictures and some of them are of things that were assembled or of pieces that were not included in the box. I had to guess on several pieces as to where and how they fit.

That’s just before you start playing with it. Once I started using the toy, a few pieces refused to stay on. The parts didn’t actually break, just fell off of where they were supposed to be. I’m not sure if that was because it was assembled wrong or if it just wasn’t strong enough to work the way it was supposed to.

I found that even though there is a big wow factor for kids and that they’re really excited to start playing with it, they lose interest in it pretty quickly and are frustrated by the tiny pieces as well as the pieces that kept breaking off. Plus the alarm and siren gets very annoying very quickly since it’s so loud, and you do have to provide your own batteries for them.

Overall, I think the toy had a lot of issues, and I wouldn’t really recommend it. It seemed very interesting before you got it out of the box, but wasn’t so great afterwards. The toy sells for $130-$150 depending where you look, which seems expensive even for a really great toy, so for this toy is really pricey. I don’t think it’s worth the money or frustration, so this Christmas, go for something a little simpler and well put together for the kids who love this kind of thing.