James Bond is Back!


Dia de Muertos is a perfect time to kill. Costumes, crowds, you could disappear in an instant. Spectre is meeting once again, but this time, they are not alone. James Bond (Daniel Craig) has tracked them down and is going in for the kill. Like a cat after a mouse, they are in for the chase. Explosions, hand to hand combat, and gun battles have brought Bond close to death all around the world, but will he survive this time?

Spectre is a breathtaking movie that literally kept me on the edge of my seat and gripping the armrests in fear and anticipation. I think my heart actually stopped a few times. Since the first scene in Mexico, it was full of ceaseless action.

Spectre (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a secret organization responsible for terrorist attacks around the world. Left with a dying message from M, Bond travels the world in search of them. Even though it is an “off the book” (no help from the team and unknown of) mission, he feels that he must evaluate it, even without the team involved. Later Bond finds an ally, the daughter of a man that was once part of Spectre. Through her, he is one step closer to tracking them down.

I enjoyed this movie because there were no parts of tranquility. If a movie has too many calm scenes, I am tempted to fall asleep, but Spectre was the exact opposite- running, killing, fighting- nonstop chaos. It is definitely for mature audiences, 13 and above, because of some sexual content and gruesome scenes.

Spectre is an outstanding movie and you do not need the others to know what is happening. Though, watching the previous movie, Skyfall, will give you some more background information on M and Bond’s organization. Though you may think that all Bond movies are, are killings, there is more to them. Humor and a storyline are enveloped in the folds of battles and death. I loved Spectre and though it was quite gruesome in places, it kept me entertained and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next movie, fore James Bond will live on.