“Extraordinary Not Ordinary”


“I follow my heart, not the crowd,” says Maryellen Larkin in her first book, “The One and Only,” by Valerie Tripp. Maryellen, like the book about her, is from the 1950s, a time of “peace, prosperity, promise, and exuberant growth in the United States.”

Maryellen really stands out from the other American Girl dolls because she has red curly hair pulled back with a turquoise ribbon in a perky ponytail and bangs. Maryellen has really cool clothing and accessories like white gloves, a bracelet and pearl necklace, a jukebox, sofa bed, dog named Scooter, television console, and diner set.

But the most unique thing about this American Girl is how many friends she has and their backstories along with Maryellen’s interesting life that make her more vibrant than all the other dolls.

For those who might not know about American Girl toys, they offer five doll products: BeForever, Girl of the Year, Truly Me, Bitty Baby, and Bitty Twins. Maryellen is from the BeForever character line. For information on the other toys you can go to the American Girl website.

Maryellen’s character is revealed in her first book, The One and Only, which talks about how important her family and friends are to her. I recommend starting with the first book because it tells you so much about Maryellen and her life. I do think the book could have woven in a little more about the 1950s lifestyle. Overall, it was very interesting and books two and three, “Taking Off” and “The Sky’s Limits” look to be really good also.

Maryellen comes with a striped blue, pink, red and white dress, a blue shrug that has an M for Maryellen monogram and black Mary Jane shoes. She has soft green colored eyes with great detail and black eyelashes that attach to eyes that open and close.

I introduced Maryellen to some friends who also have American Girl Dolls to get their feedback. She’s a hit! They all loved her from head to toe and I am sure you would too.

If you are looking for something to put on your wish list, Maryellen should be at the top.