Kings of the Mountain Puzzle Review


Imagine contentedly standing, examining a colorful masterpiece of a marvelous image that you assembled, pouring every ounce of your concentration, interest, and frustration as you did so. Imagine the satisfactory feeling of locking the last piece that you’ve been searching for for what seems like years into its four surrounding partners, experiencing a sense of accomplishment at being able to compete a test of patience. These can only be described as the experiences of puzzle assembly.

Depending on the person and the puzzle, puzzles can either be a wonderful time to focus on something enjoyable or a stressful mess of frustration and annoyance. The “Kings of the Mountains” puzzle, created by the company Melissa & Doug, is a puzzle of moderate difficulty for an intermediate to advanced puzzle maker. 500 pieces in size, there are very similar color tones and many exact, intricate details, so this particular item will not be suited for a beginner learning to piece together puzzles, young juvenile with a short attention span, or somebody who doesn’t take pleasure in this process.

The puzzle itself is a stunning painting of a furry grizzly bear, soaring bald eagle, alert stag, and tawny wolf against the background of a mountain that is lush with pine foliage and a midnight starless sky. Due to the black border around the edges, similar shades of the animals, and abundance of forest, it is intended to be constructed by people who adore puzzles and experienced constructors of them. Approximately five hours were spent completing this project by two intermediate puzzlers who had built several of them in the past, and it was entertaining time spent. Overall, this is delightful puzzle for people who adore puzzles, and the outcome is magnificent, for the finished image is absolutely intricate, detailed, and visually appealing, perfect for a nature-appreciating Coloradan.