Maybe You’ll Be the Next Dragonsitter?


“The Dragonsitter” by Josh Lacey is not your typical book. It is the very first book made completely out of e-mails. The main characters are Edward Smith-Pickle and Morton Pickle. Edward Smith-Pickle is the nephew of Morton Pickle. He is the dragonsitter. His uncle drops his dragon ‘Ziggy’ off at his house for him to dragonsit for a week. The book is a series of e-mails between Edward and Morton regarding the dragon’s behavior, how much he is eating, and some tips for working with the dragon.

We learn that Edward was panicking because he didn’t know what to do. He had lost the instructions for how to take care of Ziggy and the dragon was doing tons of bad stuff.  At one point in the book the dragon even cuts a hole in the refrigerator and rampages in the kitchen.

I loved this book because it was about a dragon, but it was different than the typical dragon story. I mean how many dragon stories have you read where the dragon eats chocolate and needs to have a babysitter?

I recommend this book for ages 5 – 8. It was an easy read for kids and is only 55 pages long. There were many black and white pictures. The pictures were really descriptive. This is the first book of a series. There is a sneak peek of the next book, “The Dragonsitter Takes Off,” included at the end of this book. Other books in the series includes “The Dragonsitter’s Island” and the “Dragonsitter’s Castle,” both of which will come out in 2016.