Create Your Own Version of This Classic Game


Super Mario maker hit shelves in September and has been selling rapidly. Mario has always been one of the most popular wii games created. Almost everybody who has ever touched a video game has heard of it.

Throughout the journey you earn more things to use to create your world, starting with grass, coins, turtles, tubes and Venus fly traps. You can easily place everything with the click of a button and then test it out. if you have ever played minecraft, you will know what you are doing. After you are done placing your blocks and making sure your world is perfect you can go explore thousands of other users games and small challenges from Mario. One special feature you can earn is switching your game theme to make it look like the first Mario game ever released to the newest game.

Super Mario Maker is a game designed for everyone. If you have never played Mario before you can use the tutorial mode to learn your way around. For kids below the age of eight it may be a little more challenging to catch on. Once you have finished the tutorial it is a piece of cake to create challenging fun games. That is until you start playing your game as well as other people’s.

It is not just for kids though. Making your way through challenges and trying to beat each other’s levels is fun for the whole family. The only thing you need is a wii u and the game to provide hours of entertainment for everyone. I give it a five star rating because you can be creative, learn some basic coding and have fun. I suggest during these cold days of winter for you to snuggle up on your couch and have some fun, designing and playing this classic game.