Hillary Clinton Meets Colorado


On November 24, one of the popular Democratic candidates running for president in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election,  Hillary Clinton came to Denver and Boulder to give a few words. At both rallies, a few other prominent political figures spoke in support of Secretary Clinton as a future president. These included former Colorado Senator Mark Udall, current Mayor of Denver John Hancock and current Colorado Congressman Jared Polis among other local politicians.

There was strong turnout for both rallies as people of varying different demographics came to show their support for Secretary Clinton. Some of the main key topics that Secretary Clinton addressed in her speech were raising incomes and minimum wage, making college affordable for everyone, lowering child cost, climate change and leaving our doors open for refugees.

Secretary Clinton started off by talking about how she wants to tackle the challenge of economic inequality head on. She said we are four times more like to be in a recession when we have a Republican President and that just in general the economy is better with a Democratic President. Secretary Clinton also said that she would make the economy better by creating more good paying jobs and (as she stated earlier at the beginning of her speech) raising the minimum wage.

“I want equal pay for equal work.” Secretary Clinton stated. She also wants to provide family leave and early childhood education since by the age of two, she said, the brain is 80% of its adult size. Secretary Clinton put in a lot of emphasis on making college affordable through her speech, even going as far as saying that she wants debt-free tuition for all college students of America.

She touched on the controversial topic of the Affordable Care Act and on the topic of making the cost of prescription drugs lower. And, she sides with the organization Moms Demand Action as they both are pro-gun control and want universal background checks.

But, one of the main issues that was repetitively talked about was refugees. Secretary Clinton firmly believes that we should allow in all refugees from all locations and welcome them with loving arms.