Yoshi Gets Knitted!


Great balls of Yarn! All of Yoshi’s friends have been turned into yarn by the evil wizard Kamek. Join him as he collects his friends and defeats the wizard once and for all!

The new game Yoshi’s Wooly World starts at Craft Island. It has been a perfect day until Kamek shows up and turns all of the Yoshis into balls of yarn and takes them away.

Luckily, two of the Yoshis jump into the bushes in time and then tear a rip in the bag, so Kamek drops parts of their friends all over the closest island.

The Yoshis head off to collect their friends and save the others from becoming part of a giant sweater, and return them safely to Craft Island.

This game is special because of it’s design. The whole thing is just like any other 2-D landscape game, except for the fact that almost everything either is made out of yarn or relates to it.

I also like the amount of fun put into it. There is lots of different things you can do. For instance, At the beginning of each level, you can buy a badge that helps you out, and you buy it using the jewels you collect throughout the game.

Another fun thing is that when you collect all five balls of yarn for each level, it makes a new Yoshi, such as the Flower Yoshi, and then you can even use that one to play!

The only complaint I have about this game is the controls. You can play it on the Wii U or the Wii controllers, and it has many controls that can be very confusing. Throughout the game, though, it gives you shortcuts and instructions that make it less confusing.

Overall, I would rate this a five out of five stars. This is a great game that anyone can enjoy, and I can’t wait for the sequel.