Education Disguised as a Toy


The Dash and Dot robots are a great way to learn about programming. If you choose to buy both of the robots, then the kit will include Dash, Dot, a charging cord, and two building blocks.

When buying these robots you must keep in mind that a tablet is necessary. Some tablets will work better than others. An iPad mini or an iPad Air 2 will work fine.

There are four apps available for download:Go!,Blockly,Path, and Wonder. There is also an app called Xylo, but a xylophone is sold separately. Personally I don’t think that the xylophone or the other extra items are worth the money. Kids will be entertained by them for about a day, and then loose all interest in them.

As a 12 year old, I enjoyed the Dash robot more than the Dot robot. Most of the apps are dedicated to Dash ( recommended for ages 9-15). The Go! app transforms Dash into a remote control toy.

Meanwhile, the app only allows you to control the sound produced by Dot. Blockly and Path are designed only for the Dash robot. Blockly was my favorite app. It is like Scratch, only instead of the action occurring on the computer screen it occurs right in front of you. Also like some of the other apps, coding challenges have already been designed.

Dot is suitable for younger audiences (ages 4-8). The wonder app is a fantastic way to learn colors, numbers, and other basic things. On the website it is stated that Dot can be used for Blockly . I tried to accomplish this but I couldn’t get it to work. The website will give you more information on the prices of these robots.

Dash and Dot are a great choice for a holiday present. Although these robots are expensive, if your child is interested in programming it is worth the money.