Guinness World Records 2016


“The Guinness World Records 2016” is a 255 page book of epic world records including anything from the tallest teen to the football team with the best super bowl records to the longest wheelie.

This book is good for anyone who likes epic stunts, incredible feats, or the best sport stats.My favorite stunt that this book contains is the longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire at 12.4 meters (395 ft. 0.15 in.). I recommend this book for all ages from 8 to 80! On a scale from 1-100, I would rate this book a 100. There is a topic for everyone. If you hate giraffes, flip the page! There are hundreds of records to look at or try to break. Generally I prefer books with a plot, but this was a nice change. On page 108 I liked the record of most crash tests at 988 crashes. All the records are divided into categories. The main categories are Media and leisure, Adventures, sports, extreme exploits, humans, animals, construction, modern world, earth, and Humans in action. In sports I believe the best was the most passes received and completed passes in a Super Bowl game, held by the Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas at 13 passes during Super Bowl 48. Also, I think the most impressive record was when Johannes Relleke had 2,443 beestings removed and survived, even though 1000 would kill an average non-allergic male adult.

The pictures are detailed and focused. If you read an average of 5 articles per page, you should take about 1 hour to one and a half hours to finish the book.