A Riddle in Ruby


The Chemystral Age is upon us and “What else comes to mind other than the year 1718?”, and colonial Philadelphia of course. This was the beginning of alchemy and industrialization’s reign on the world. However, for Pirate Princess, Aruba( Ruby) Teach, this is the time for her to look around, meddle in her father’s affairs and disguise herself in order to pick locks and earn loot. That is after all a pirates life isn’t it? Especially when you live on your father’s pirate ship, because there is a lot for a young brave girl to explore and find.

Yet, this all changes when she is pushed into a hidey-hole in order to keep away from the imminent danger, also known as the Royal Navy. Ruby is crammed inside the hidey-hole in her father’s ship with a stranger named Cram, iconic right? When she escapes the hidey-hole she finds her father and all of his crew members were kidnapped. She must acquire the help of Lord Athen and his faithful servant Cram in order to find her father.
As Aruba embarks on her journey she realizes that her father’s ship wasn’t just a form of transportation but in fact a safeguard sheltering her from the outside world. When she leaves her ship she finds herself trapped in a world full of nefarious societies with her aristocratic partner Lord Athen. Will his power help them? or will Ruby never find her father and his crew? Will they escape the crazy automatons and the Royal Navy of the era?

This book will continuously keep you on the edge of imagination! With new adventures at every turn and twist. With new obstacles for Ruby to dodge, you will continue to follow her throughout the story until the last second. However, it is advised that you sit with computer, dictionary or parent to thoroughly enjoy this book to its fullest potential. The words in this book are slightly complex, technical and require a bit of research. Yet, they do add to the ambiance of the book thus, I do recommend this book to anyone from age ten and above. So grab this book, a dictionary and get reading!