Dive Into This Deep (Sea) Novel


Suzy Swanson has always understood things that others haven’t. But she doesn’t understand why Franny Jackson, her best friend and a great swimmer, drowned. She doesn’t understand why Franny’s heart got to beat only 412 million times—about 12 years. But all of that changes on a field trip to the aquarium, where she sees an exhibit containing a rare jellyfish, and thinks that a sting from this jellyfish might have been the cause of Franny’s death. Using the expertise of several jellyfish experts, Suzy sets out to proving this, and unknowingly starts on a long journey of grief, coping, and acceptance.

Written by Ali Benjamin, The Thing About Jellyfish is a spellbinding novel that will cause even the toughest person to reach for a box of tissues. It contains deep and emotional themes at the heart of a novel about science and oceanography. Because of this, it will interest both people who are curious about nature and people who just want a good book to read.

The Thing About Jellyfish is not difficult to read, but an older audience might appreciate the extensive themes more than a younger audience would. I would recommend this book for readers twelve and up. People who enjoy Rebecca Stead books might also enjoy this one, because of the similar tone and mood.

This novel will also intrigue people who are interested in learning some more about jellyfish in a fun and fascinating way that non-fiction cannot provide. It is full of great facts, and will provide the reader with some substantial knowledge.

All in all, The Thing About Jellyfish is a complex and touching book that will be satisfying for several different audiences. So gear up, and get ready to dive into this evocative novel.