The Last Kids on Earth


  The Last Kids on Earth, written by Max Brailler and illustrated by Douglas Holgate, tells about a boy named Jack Sullivan and his three best friends struggling to survive the monster and zombie apocalypse.

Every other living resident in Wakefield either left or got zombiefied. Jack and his friends find themselves having to fend for each other in a world full of harmful creatures that have taken over. Jack must defeat one especially evil monster before it defeats him. This book kept me in suspense and I couldn’t put it down.

      The book, The Last Kids on Earth, was an action-packed book and was a little funny too. I am a ten year old fifth and I thought this book was a bit too easy for me; so I recommend it for third or fourth graders. It is a hybrid novel and so had pictures on almost every page with 18 chapters in all.

If you are older than that I still recommend it to you as a quick and easy read. Overall I thought this was a well written book and I recommend it to any action and comedy lovers.