The Story of an Old Wolf


Growing up with the dream of being a hunter, Casey is excited when it is finally his birthday. He wants to be able to hunt an animal in the forest near his home, not the ones in his video game.

Nashoba is simply an old wolf, that will have to lead the pack with the help of a wise bird.”Old Wolf” is a short novel by Avi and is illustrated by artist Brian Floca. It is a good book for ages 9 and above.

Nashoba has tried many times, but cannot succeed in finding food for the the pack. A layer of snow settles and coats the ground; the other animals are hiding away in their nests and burrows. He has to find help quickly, or else he will not be able to lead the pack any longer.
Casey is a boy that has wanted to become a hunter. When he wakes up as a teenager, he is excited for the archery lessons that will ensue.

“Old Wolf” by Avi is a great book, and it shows how unlikely confrontations can change one’s life. Avi does a wonderful job of painting images in the reader’s mind through the use of descriptive language and events that readers can connect to. “Old Wolf” is a very enjoyable book due to the incredible courage of both Casey and Nashoba. What will happen when these two characters cross paths?