In The Heart of The Sea


In The Heart of The Sea is a tremendous movie about a author who was trying to write a story based on the true events of a group of sailors who set out on a ship called The Essex in search whale oil. During the Essex’s voyage the men were desperate for more whales, and the crew ventured farther out to sea. To their horror they encounter a humongous whale, driven on by vengeance, that has a wish to sink the Essex and the people in it.

In The Heart of The Sea is a very memorable movie that kept my attention the whole time. The acting was completely believable, Chris Hemsworth (Owen Chase), Benjamin Walker (Captain Pollard), and Cillian Murphy (Mathew Joy) added so much to the character development because they really got into character such as by using believable New England accents. I definitely recommend this movie in 3-D. It makes the movie come to life, it will have you fooled that the action has jumped out of your screen and is happening right in front of you. At one point in the movie, there is a dog that is licking corn on the cob, and the 3D is so good that you feel like you can smell the dog’s breathe. The whale’s jumping out of the sea really come to life too.

The only thing that could have been changed to make the movie a little more realistic is in some scenes the actor would be soaked in water then in a matter of seconds, the actor is completely dry and has no trace of ever being wet at all.

I feel PG-13 is a appropriate rating for this movie, but viewer be warned there is very intense scenes and upsetting events. Also there is mild adult language.