Your Next Snow Day Read


Drift and Dagger by Kendall Kulper is one of the more interesting books that I have read. The protagonist, a teenage boy named Mal, is betrayed by an old friend of his, Essie Roe.

Mal was different than most of the people in his surroundings, as magic was not effective on him. This awful, one in a million, “disease” was called being a Blank. His secret was discovered when Essie, the daughter of the Roe witch, tried a simple spell on him.

Mal was forced to flee the island because of his blankness. The villagers now saw him as a monster, thief, and an outcast. Soon after, he started working alongside Boone, who he found after his departure from Prince Island. Boone was a hunter, the kind that stole and traded goods and ideas to townsfolk for payment.

Boone and Mal traveled the world together for many years until a large new job came about. An old dagger called the Shar, proven to steal any magical ability, had been rediscovered after disappearing for centuries.

Mal had wanted revenge for Essie’s betrayal for so long, it seemed like the perfect thing. But many others wanted it and his motive seemed to get lost throughout the journey.

Drift and Dagger was an exciting book that I thought was very unique. It was suspenseful enough to keep me interested and very well written. It began in quite an eerie tone but lessened as the book continued.

Kulper did a good job portraying the thoughts and background of Mal. By the end, I felt like I knew every little thing about him. I would recommend leaving this book to kids over the age of 12. There was no inappropriate language but the plot was deep.

Drift and Dagger is a good book and tells a very unique story in 358 pages. It’s definitely not the best thing out there, but it was a nice way to pass the time.