SQUASH the Competition!


Plan ahead and be wise, or you might be the one getting SQUASHED. Roll the die and strategically move your colorful game pieces to dominate your opponents.

This new game looks a little odd, but I promise you it is entertaining and extremely fun for everyone ages 6 and up. It has a unique game board, or should I say game-cube, that intrigues competitors and creates a great time.

Squashed is a game of fun for 2-4 people. It’s all about being the last piece standing. On the cube-shaped game board, all 6 sides are active parts of the game. Any player can move throughout all 6 sides, but if you get your piece to the center of any side, you get to flip the cube and SQUASH all your opponents in a total wipeout.

When you squash an opponent, you get to slam them into the center of the cube–it’s like game piece jail, locking them inside for the rest of the game! It’s the first game I’ve seen that truly makes you think in 3D!

There is opportunity for collaboration with other players to take someone out, risks of taking out your own pawns to further yourself in the game, and rapid shifts of power!

My friends and I really love this game! It’s all about survival, and it’s the kind of game you need to play to really understand. Trust me when I say, you need to buy this game. Squashed is never the same game twice, and it’s fast-paced, quick-changing action keeps everyone on their toes.