The Secrets of the Fox


Foxes are known for being tricky and sly, mysterious and cunning. However, they must learn their secrets of survival some way or another. “Foxcraft: The Taken” by Inbali Iserles captures this thought skillfully. This book is a great read for students nine to twelve years of age.

Isla is a young fox that lived with her family. She enjoyed exploring with her brother, Pirie, and was happy to have the company of her family. One day, there was an event that changed her life tremendously. She finds her den covered in flames and eerie foxes. Isla had no choice but to escape into the world of the furless-humans. The young fox must learn the secrets of the foxes, known as foxcraft, if she wants to survive in her new, ruthless environment.

“Foxcraft: The Taken” is a book that manages to successfully capture the reader in its story of adventure. You can join Isla in her quest to find her family, and learn the secrets of foxcraft. This story mixes the adventures of realistic, normal animals with a drop of its own lore. The young fox not only has to master navigating and surviving the city, but she has to learn the history of her race as well as her fellow canines. Will Isla, the young fox, be able to find her family?