Young Man With Camera


In Young Man With Camera written by Emil Sher, a story about a boy who struggles with a life-threatening bully is told, as he attempts to overcome the hardships that are brought with his scars and the problems that this bully causes him. Throughout the book you are led through his life as he befriends a homeless woman and takes photographs of everyday life in and around where he lives. He feels misunderstood and betrayed by once-trusted adults that should be helpful, but have instead turned against him. As the story comes to an end, will he be able to defeat the darkness that penetrates the light?

I found that the writing style was interesting and that the pictures included in the writing added some uniqueness to the story which had a somewhat unoriginal plot. One thing that I did not like about the pictures was that they sometimes were confusing and did not allow room for one’s imagination to create the characters; which is one reason why we read books. Another thing that was majorly disappointing for me in this story was the ending. . . It left many unanswered questions that were greatly important to the book. The story would have been fine if the ending had not been as it was.

Similarly, I found that this was the kind of story that should be checked out from the library, not the kind that deserves a space on your bookshelf. But, it is a book that you should definitely read for many reasons. One is that the writing style is interesting and it seems to offer many good “lessons” that seemed to mimic King Arthur’s 12 Rules of Chivalry. Another is that it is in some cases inspiring: the fact that the main character takes photographs to make a difference inspired me to want to make a difference with my own talents.

This book is meant for ten to twelve year olds, for it includes some mature concepts. All in all, this was an average book, but one that is worth reading.