The After Room


Using spells, contacting dead people, and having the power to create natural disasters isn’t the everyday book you read. Award-winning author, Maile Meloy, has written the last book in the Apothecary trilogy, titled “The After Room,” that is just that.

The book is set in 1955, Michigan, where Benjamin Burrows and Janie Scott are trying to live a normal life. However, it isn’t so easy when they have certain powers that cause them to not live such a normal life, like the power of stopping nuclear disasters. Because of that, their power attracts villains that want Ben and Janie’s powers for themselves. Not only that, but China and the United States are at war with each other.

That’s the least of their worries, however, because Benjamin and Janie’s friend, Jin Lo (who also has powers), is captured by China’s spies. The spies use Jin Lo’s powers to prevent U.S. forces from bombing China’s bases, and are using her to create natural disasters in America.

When Benjamin and Janie find out that Jin Lo is captured, they go around town trying to find some help. They need to contact the land of the dead in some way to figure out where Jin Lo is located.

Ben and Janie stumble upon a magician that’s willing to help, but for a price.

The magician has a secret; he has the ability to read other people’s minds, and so he wants Ben and Janie to use their powers to create a filter for him to use. This filter would stop him from reading thoughts and emotions of others.

Ben and Janie do as their told, however, the filter works a little too well. While the filter stops the magician from reading minds of others, it also causes him to lose his own imagination.

This causes the magician to turn against them. He doesn’t teach Ben and Janie how to contact the land of dead without dying themselves. Delve deeper into this book to see if Ben and Janie are able to contact the land of the dead and save Jin Lo.

The finale to the award-winning Apothecary series is a 404 page book that is perfect for ages nine and up, because of the humor, mystery, and action involved.