Stellar Novel for Many Audiences!


March is not your typical twelve-year-old boy. For one, his dad is the most famous cat burglar in the world. Or at least, he was, until he tumbled from a rooftop one fateful night in Amsterdam. His last words to his son are, “Find jewels.” March soon learns that his father didn’t mean “jewels,” but “Jules,” the twin sister he never knew he had. Reunited, March and Jules learn of a terrible prophecy that may be the death of them, and set out to undo it. However, to do this, they will have to pull off the biggest heists of all time… before it’s too late.

Written by Jude Watson, Loot is an entertaining novel that will satisfy all readers. This book is set apart from others in the way that it has many different elements that make it fit into several different categories. For example, it contains magic and prophecies, making it a good fit for the fantasy category, but also is extremely action-packed, which will please action fans. Mystery fans will also enjoy the puzzles behind it.

I would recommend Loot for kids in the middle grades and up. It is not particularly challenging, but it is still entertaining and would make a fun read for older kids. Additionally, people who enjoy Gordon Korman’s books will also enjoy this one, because of the similar writing styles. Furthermore, Loot will interest people who have read and liked the 39 Clues series, as several of the books in that series were written by Jude Watson and Gordon Korman.

All-in-all, Loot is a gripping novel that would please a wide variety of readers. Whether you’re looking for a juicy, action-packed novel, a gripping mystery, or just a fun family read-aloud book, Loot fits the bill!