The Dragon Lantern


Many young children dream of being a great hero at least once in their lives; “League of Seven: The Dragon Lantern” by Alan Gratz, illustrated by Brett Helquist, gives great insight of what life as a young hero may be like. This novel is a good book for ages nine to twelve.

Archie Dent is a member of the League of Seven, and so are Hachi and Fergus. After being separated by different missions, he has to find the mysterious Dragon Lantern without the aid of his fellow members of the League. He has been told that the Dragon Lantern holds a great secret, who and what he is. Hachi and Fergus are on a quest to find Madame Blavatsky, the only one that knows how Hachi’s father died.

“League of Seven: The Dragon Lantern” is a novel full of action and mystery. The characters have to be cautious of their surroundings while uncovering various secrets. Archie has is on a mission to find who he truly is, yet this quest may bring him more trouble than he could imagine. Are Archie, Hachi and Fergus the only members of a so-called League of Seven, and who could possibly aid them in their missions for truth and revenge?