An Easy Read for Joke Lovers


The book I Funny is about Jamie Grimm, a boy in middle school. He wants to become a comedian, but some time earlier, he and his family had an accident that left him in a wheelchair and with a big secret that he does not want to tell, because it is a really sad secret.

So he went to live with his (not ever laughing) step family. When the The World’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest is being announced, he wants to participate. He practices on his step family, because he knows if he can make them laugh, then he can make everyone laugh. Will he win the contest and be the funniest kid ever or will he lose and stop being a comedian? You just will have to wait and see until you read the book.

Personally I like books with lots of jokes in it and the title is correct, the story is funny, but I didn’t bust a gut like it says on the back cover. I think the drawings by Laura Park engage the reader and add a cool element to the story. The authors, James Patterson, and Chris Grabenstein, did a good job mixing a joke book and a middle school story together. It is, however, not only for middle school kids. I believe it could also be fun for kids as young as 7 years old. I am looking forward to reading the next book: I Even Funnier, another middle school story and if that one is as good as this one I will definitely read the third book: I Totally Funniest. I hope they are easy and fun reads like the first book in the series.