Heartwarming Story about Finding Yourself


Everyday Angel by Victoria Schwab is a heartwarming story about a girl who gets a little unexpected help during a rough time in her life. Gabby Torres is a happy, cheerful middle schooler. Well, she used to be.

Now her older brother Marco is sick, and Gabby and her family are forced to move to a lonely apartment near the hospital. Gabby doesn’t know who she is anymore. Then she meets Aria, an angel who is sent to help Gabby find her place. In order to earn her wings, Aria must get rid of the “smoke” around Gabby. Aria and Gabby get to know each other and Aria helps Gabby find a passion that she can be proud of. But then, Aria’s secret slips and she ends up telling Gabby that she is an angel. Gabby doesn’t know what to think.

This book encourages readers to be themselves and always remember you are special no matter what your background is like or who your family is. I enjoyed this book because of the characters. My favorite character was Aria because she was always happy and never thinking of herself. She makes you happy just reading about her. Readers can really connect to Gabby because she is in the same boat as many kids, not knowing who she is and trying to find her place. Marco is cheerful in the worst of times and when you read about him, you feel hopeful. Reading about these characters makes you feel like you are somebody and life can go any way you want it to.

I recommend this book to ages nine and up because the plot and story were easy to understand and the content is appropriate for this age group. This was an easy read, but if you are looking for stories about friendships and a little magic, then this book is for you!