Been There Done That


“Been There Done That” is a book that any writer would love to read. This book is edited by Mike Winchell and includes authors like Caroline Starr Rose, Chris Rylander and more.”Been There Done That” is a book that tells you about how authors get inspiration to write their stories.

This book was entertaining to read. I had fun reading stories I love, and reading about how the author came to write it. The articles in here were mainly based off of childhood memories that the author has. Then they would tell the version they created out of that one memory. For example, when Nathan Hale was younger he remembered having a big giant bunny mask in his basement. He goes on to explain how he would scare siblings with the mask to make them do what he wanted them to. In his fiction version of the story he makes a comic. Telling us about these troubled teens come to an orphanage, take all the Easter eggs, and put on a bunny mask. The orphans come out to have an Easter egg hunt, and can’t do anything because of the disaster the teens made. The guy in the bunny head gets cursed, then gets trapped by the Easter bunny for ruining Easter.

In this book you run into really interesting stories. For instance, the story Wanda Punsuckle the worst babysitter ever written by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. Wanda, unlike every other babysitter, lets you do whatever you want to. You would think, “Yes,” but not Benjamin. Benjamin is so used to having rules around his house, but Wanda has no rules. He goes on to do all these exotic things to see if Wanda will ever break, and give a rule or two to follow.

I would recommend this book for ages 10 and older because there were a lot of great vocabulary words, but ones that I didn’t know how to pronounce. Again, if you love writing then “Been There Done That” is the book for you!