The Fog Diver


Hundreds of years ago, pollution covered the planet. To get rid of it, scientists created nanites, miniscule beings that would suck up all of the waste in the world. Soon, Earth was free of pollution, but the evolving nanites knew it would not stay this way unless they produced a product that would eliminate the problem, humans. They became the Fog, a white mist, that was deadly to the human race. Years later, the human race consisted of five families that dominated the mountaintops, the only places free of the Fog. “The Fog Diver” by Joel Ross will take you into this world, testing your limits.


Chess, Hazel, Swedish, and Bea grew up in the slum of an empire called Rooftop. With barely enough food to go on, they did the things that many were too afraid to do- go into the Fog. In the Fog, Chess, the crew’s tether boy, searched for anything that could be worth selling or that could serve as food for the crew. But now, survival isn’t enough, Mrs. E, a woman that took them in as family when they were left on the streets, has gotten fog sickness and the only way to save her is to get to the city of Port Oro. There is just one thing, Chess has a secret, a fog filled eye that will let him go into the fog and be unaffected. Lord Kodoc is hot on his trail and will do anything to find Chess. The crew must survive the unthinkable to get their beloved Mrs. E to Port Oro and keep themselves out of harm’s way. In “The Fog Diver” by Joel Ross, you will embark on an adventure with the crew that will get your heart racing in fright. Will you survive or will you die trying in the Fog?


“The Fog Diver” by Joel Ross is great for a bit of light reading and could easily be finished in a few hours. It features a fourth grade level vocabulary that is easy to follow, but also includes many unexpected twists and turns in the storyline that kept me engaged from the beginning to the end. The story has a very adventurous complexion, but beneath that lies compassion, forgiveness, teamwork, and most of all, love. When you open these pages, the characters come to life. Join them on an adventure you will never forget!