New Show Invites You To The Shadow World


Based on the extremely popular “Mortal Instruments” books by Cassandra Clare, a new television show has arisen from Free Form, the new name for ABC Family, called “Shadowhunters.” The show follows five teens on their journeys through their lives, and soon their paths cross in strange ways.

It all begins when the main character Clary sneaks into a club when she follows some intriguing, tattooed teens that none of her friends can see. Soon she discovers a world hidden before her eyes, a world of demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, seales, and a strange race of people called Shadowhunters that is devoted to protecting humans.

Before long, fragments of memories flash through her head. Though she remains confused, her enemies decide that she already knows too much. Soon her world is torn apart and she loses all sight of who she is. What has been concealed from her for so many years? How will she react when she has to choose between her best friend and three mysterious new strangers?

“Shadowhunters” is a television series that will be satisfying to both the fans of the books and the people who were drawn to it because of its fantasy appeal. It is obvious that the show was cast thoughtfully and the script and plot were altered to fit the needs of both of these audiences, meaning the storyline will likely stray from the book.

Also, one should note that the show can be dark. As is implied by the name change from ABC Family to Free Form, the television channel is headed in a new direction. Based on the demonic concepts and clothing design, or rather the lack thereof in some places, it can be inferred that the show is directed towards mature audiences.

Although you should probably check with parents before watching, the character casting, soundtrack, and computer graphics will transport both viewers who are fans of the stories and that just want to try out the show into the world of “Shadowhunters.”