Have the winter blues? Open your mind to purples and pinks!


Orchids? Here in Colorado? You bet. Orchids live in all types of environments. They could even be in your own backyard and they aren’t just limited to the brightly colored ones seen in tropical rainforests or at the grocery store. Beautiful assortments of orchids in different shapes, sizes, and color can be seen at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

I met with orchid expert Nick Snakenburg who explained how the exhibit was put together and shared tons of information about these flowering plants. Did you know that there are more than 30,000 types of orchids in the world?

This fun exhibit will only last until February 26, 2016 so get there before closing day and you might learn some cool fun facts like orchids are ground into a fine powder to make vanilla to flavor ice cream. Orchids are not only terrestrial (growing in the ground) but also epiphytes (growing on trees or other hanging objects). So when you look for orchids, don’t just look on the ground!

The exhibit is included with admission to the Gardens. For more details, visit them on the web at www.botanicgardens.org/exhibits/orchid-showcase

I often hear how people get the winter blues because it’s so cold and gray outside, but if you think about colorful orchids for just a moment you forget everything else. I definitely liked the exhibit and recommend all ages make time to go because if winter blues have got you down, you can see and maybe even smell the blues and pinks instead.