“The Finest Hours”


Bernie Weber (Chris Pine) and Meriam (Holliday Grainger) are creating their wedding plans for April 16, 1952. Bernie is serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, and suddenly, Bernie and his team must boat out with little room for others because of the split oil tanker that is during a time of havoc. The crew must proceed over the bar (the ending mark of the waves) that contains waves sure to annihilate anything in its path. Can Bearny do it, or will he let down his crew members and friends?

The film is shot beautifully with low, high, and even below shots. The way the director Craig Gillespie captured the perfect expression by the cast was phenomenal! I definitely thought that all the acting was highly professional and perfect for the story. Each actor made their character come to life. For example, when the rescue team attempts to save the broken tanker, the town is extremely worried about them succeeding and bringing home everyone. Meriam (Holliday Grainger) and the rest of the town citizens make their emotions come alive and that is what made this movie spectacular and deep.

I enjoyed every minute of this exciting, moving story. It made me think of the moral, the minute you think of giving up, think of why you held on so long. The pg-13 movie, “The Finest Hours,” is an inspiring true story that will bring you so close off your seat, you may even fall.