The Wolf Wilder


Wolves, although fascinating, are not made to be kept as pets. Feo, a young girl, knows this. She was raised as a wolf wilder, which means she takes pet wolves people don’t want anymore and untames them. This allows them to survive in the wilderness, like they are meant to do. “The Wolf Wilder” by Katherine Rundell tells the story of Feo as she goes on an impressive journey. This book is good for ages nine to twelve.

General Rakov is cruel, and when the wolves Feo has trained attacks him, he is set on ruining her life. Her mother is soon arrested, and Feo has to run if she wants to survive. However, before her mother is torn away from her, she meets someone that may be able to help her.

“The Wolf Wilder” is a great novel because it successfully manages to paint the pain, wonder, and strength the fills Feo. The characters have intriguing personalities that set them apart from one another, and set the story into motion. In order to survive the brutality of General Rakov, Feo will have to be swift, cunning, and cooperative.
Just like a wolf.