Great Tool, but With a Price


Zoomy is a handheld digital microscope that uploads images to your computer at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It magnifies things up 43x, comes with two different adapters to go on the front for viewing different things, and you can take pictures and record videos. The microscope comes with a disk that has a program called Digital Viewer that is used with the microscope to view your images. You can also go to the Learning Resources website and download the Digital Viewer software there.

You can use the microscope with Windows or Mac OS. However, the microscope is not compatible with Mac version 10.9. The microscope is compatible with any applications that support the viewing of USB Video Class Devices on Mac OS. The microscope has a shutter button on it to take pictures but it only works with Windows operating systems right now. To take videos in Windows open the Digital Viewer software and press capture.

When you are finished recording press the escape key on your keyboard to stop the recording. The process to record is a little different with the software downloaded from the Learning Resources site though. To record just the record button and press it again to stop recording. Zoomy costs around $55-$70 depending on where you buy it. You can buy it online at sites like Amazon or Learning Resources, or at some stores like Target.
Overall, the Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope was a pretty good product which was easy to use and to understand.

The downloading process for the Digital Viewing software was simple and easy. The microscope probably lasts awhile too. This is a good product for examining very small things such as insects, teaching, or just having fun looking at things. The microscope is egg shaped and can fit in to many different sizes of hands so it is easy to use with smaller children. The Learning Resources website says that this can be used with people in pre-k to 12th grade, but it could be used by people much older than that too.