Spear Of Destiny Adventure


The book Moving Target is about a girl named Cassie Arroyo. She has a friend named Simon and another friend named Asher. Together they go on an adventure, figuring out clues, and finding out who was in her family. Cassie is part of a group of people who are marked, but she does not even know it. If you were a marked person you would be on the run because the Hastati would be after you. The Hastati are a few people who try to kill the marked people because they once had a marked person who used the Spear Of Destiny and started world war two. The Spear Of Destiny is a spear that only marked people can use. When you use is you can change any ones destiny.

I loved this story, but I think that the book should be for 10 year olds to 12 year olds because her dad gets shot but does not die, and there are parts where they need to talk themselves out of situations like being stuck in a corner facing a big bad bully.

I also think Christina Diaz Gonzalez the author of Moving Target did a good job of describing an Italian town. She described the people, what they were wearing, and how old they were. When I read the book I thought who could have so much imagination and know so many Spanish words! If you know Spanish, then you will like the book even more. Christina Diaz Gonzalez has said there will be a sequel to the first Moving Target. I hope it will be continuing the journey of finding the Spear Of Destiny.