A Sweet Excuse to go to the Museum


Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Chocolate galore! The new upcoming exhibit at the Denver Nature and Science Museum, Chocolate: The Exhibition,  has a complete chocolate theme. It starts out with a rainforest setting to explain how chocolate comes from cacao beans which grow in the rainforest. From the rainforest your journey takes you to the time of the Mayans. It shows tools the Mayans would use to grind the chocolate to make a spicy frothy drink. Then the exhibit flows into the Aztecs and how they traded it like money. Like you could trade one avocado for three cacao beans. Then you travel over to the Spanish and European part of the exhibit where they combined the chocolate with sugar and it was only something the rich drank. Ever hear the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” You’ll learn where that came from too. To end your journey through chocolate history, there is a chocolate shop containing chocolate truffles, candies, cupcakes and more that you can buy as a yummy souvenir. Throughout the exhibit there are some interactive games and carts. They also hand out chocolate recipes.

The exhibit opens Friday February 12th to everyone and for members it opens Thursday February 11th. Entrance to the exhibit is free with admission. The museum has free days which are March 7, April 10, and April 23. This exhibit came from the Field Museum in Chicago and was sent from Alabama and then to Colorado. Denver Museum employee Samantha Richards recommended that you see the chocolate kitchen which teaches you how you make chocolate.  I very much enjoyed this yummy journey through chocolate history.  I think all ages would be able to see this exhibit. You should plan an hour to see it. This is a very delicious exhibit that I recommend you should see.