Marc Tyler Nobleman- Crediting the Creators of Superman and Batman


When people hear the name Superman and Batman they immediately know that the 2 superheroes are being mentioned. When people hear the names Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegle, or Bill Finger, though, a blank expression washes over their faces. These men are behind the two most known fictional characters in the world. Many people are trying to make these people known such as Marc Tyler Nobleman who wrote two books dedicated to the creators. Boys of Steel is about the creators of Superman and Bill the Boy of wonder about the creator of Batman.

Marc wrote Boys of Steel to let people know about Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegle. These men were the sole creators of Superman. Though they were credited for their work, not many people today know about them. Joe and Jerry were geeks before writing Superman, but felt as strong as Superman after writing about him. This is why Marc decided to name the book Boys of Steel. A common misconception is that Marc views the two boys as heroes. ” I think that they did a great thing, but they aren’t superheroes. A hero is someone who puts someone else’s needs before themselves or anything for that matter.”

Bill the Boy Wonder was written as a follow up for Boys of Steel. Unlike Joe and Jerry, Bill Finger hadn’t gotten recognized as a creator of Batman. Bob Kane had taken all the credit for creating Batman. Bill wasn’t okay with this, but when he tried to stand up for himself nothing changed. According to Marc,” If Bill was here right now, he would say thank you. He wouldn’t be full of himself like many people are today.” Bill was the one who came up with the characters, the back story, the costume, the symbol, and the secret identity for Batman. ” If you are a Batman fan you are also a big Bill Finger fan, you just don’t know it right then.”

Without Bill we wouldn’t have the Batman we know today. It is important for us to recognize him for all he has given to Batman. Just giving him credit for creating Batman is one way of recognition. Right now, Marc is trying to get a suitable memorial and gravestone for Bill. He said,” If Bill Finger had died today, it would be over every news station and he would be given a big memorial.” Sadly that will never happen, but we can still keep Bill alive in a way.

Marc hopes that his books will get the buzz about Bill, Joe, and Jerry’s accomplishments out into the public.