Orange Crush Invades Downtown Denver


If you were there, or just saw the newspaper or television last week, I don’t have to tell you where or when I took this picture. What a day!

We expected the drive to be long and were surprised to be in the city within 25 minutes (started in Littleton). However, parking was another thing altogether. It took almost 2 hours to find a spot to park the car. The drive wasn’t bad though as there were so many other cars, and everyone was already excited and celebrating. There was a Ford Mustang that was spraypainted orange and blue. There was a black truck that had orange pom poms waving out of the sun roof and out of all of the windows. People were coming in from the light rail, on shuttle buses, using pedicabs, etc. One person that we met tried to take the light rail in from the first stop at Lincoln, but the wait to get on was 2 ½ hours long!

Once we arrived, everything was CRAZY! Orange, blue and white everywhere but mostly orange jerseys. There were people climbing on the Pioneer Monument statue waving a Broncos flag, shirtless on top. Music was blaring. Everyone was partying as they waited for the parade to come through. There were tons of people, but people were not pushing and shoving or anything.

The parade came through, and everyone began screaming and chanting as the fire trucks with players and their families on top came through. I thought it was cool that the players gave their kids an experience of a lifetime by allowing them to ride on the trucks with them! Peyton Manning was holding the Lombardi trophy when I saw him come through. I spoke with several people, and everyone seemed to find a way to actually see the parade despite the crowds. All of the players were shouting to get the crowd wild. It was funny because the players had their own cell phones and Go-Pros out taking pictures of the fans taking pictures of them!

During the rally the team came on stage in front of the Capitol Building. The city had jumbotrons set up in various places so that those in the far back could still see what was going on on the stage. When Kubiak came on stage, everyone started chanting ‘Kub, Kub, Kub’ but to me it sounded like ‘boo, boo, boo’ so I was really confused for a moment before I figured it out. During the rally when the players were talking, everyone packed in tightly like sardines. People climbed into the trees to watch as well. Shoulder to shoulder in spots where you could barely lift your arms. The speeches were great, and the main theme was on how this season was a success due to the team working together and having each other’s backs.

After the rally, lots of people opted to stay and celebrate on the streets for a while while others headed home right away. This was an experience I know I’ll never forget. CONGRATULATIONS BRONCOS!!!