Alan Gratz


Alan Gratz is the author of ten books, with two more waiting to be published later this year. Some of his books are Samarri Shortstop, Prisoner B-3087, the League of Seven, and Code of Honor.

The first book that Gratz wrote was Samarri Shortstop. This book is about a boy trying to show that there is a place for tradition in the modern world.

Out of all of Gratz’s books, Prisoner B-3087 has sold the most copies. This novel is based off the true story of Jack Gruener’s survival of ten Nazi occupation camps.

The League of Seven is Gratz’s favorite book that he has written. It is a steampunk book, as well as the first book in one of Gratz’s two series.

Code of Honor is Gratz’s most recent book. It is about a boy trying to prove that his older brother isn’t a terrorist.

As a young boy, growing up in Knoxville Tennessee, Gratz wrote a newspaper, which he delivered into his neighbors’ mailboxes, whether they liked it or not. When he was in fifth grade, he tried to write a book. Gratz went to the University of Tennessee and studied creative writing. Before becoming an author, he worked as an eighth grade english teacher.Gratz started writing for a living to allow him to stay home with his newborn daughter.

Gratz has a unique writing style. He knows the basic outline of the book before he actually writes it. Then he works to develop the story further, by pinning note cards with details and characters on a bulletin board. After that he writes the book. This prevent writer’s block while writing the book, Gratz gets all his writer’s block before actually writing the story.

Gratz advises young authors to read a lot. He also tells them to talk to a friend who writes also and compare writing with them. Gratz also suggests keeping a book of ideas.

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