TrollHunters: The Book


Life will never be the same again for Jimmy Sturges and his father after the events of the Troll Hunters Novel. Jimmy is your typical teen in suburban San Bernardino. He gets ok grades, lives with his dad, has a crush on a cute girl, and is unpopular. However, he’s the only one with an embarrassingly   overprotective dad, a best friend named “Tubby” who shares his hatred of all things similar to hell (like gym class), and a huge crush on a girl who doesn’t know he even exists. But when the mystery that occurred over 4 and a half decades ago, causes the town to become nearly destroyed, a band of un-likely (and some un-human ones too) forms to end this madness.
The beginning section of the book describes the day the last child was taken by trolls, the last child went missing out of the previous 190 and the day Jack died (Jack is Jim’s uncle). The sad part about this is that it was Jack’s twelfth birthday. it was the middle of September of 1963 the day he died. Jack and Jim Sr(Jimmy’s Dad) were play pretending. Jack was Captain Fantastic and Jim was Dr. Evil. Jack escaped on his new bike, while Jim barely was able to keep up on his old and beat up yellow bike. When Jim caught up to Jack’s bike it was all beat up and covered with this red goo. Before any questions were asked, a creature came out of the shadows, gnawing on something’s bones, looking for another meaty snack to feast upon. Jim peddled away as fast as he could, the image of death in his eyes.

The second section of the book describes a typical day for Jimmy. He first starts by waking up, eating what he calls “dad’s special school breakfast”, showering and heading to school. Once he gets to school, he gets shoved into a locker by Steve, manages to get out (I don’t get how he manages to do that though) and heads to his periods. That evening, a troll takes him and his dad, to the troll’s village. They try to manage to survive in “Troll Ville” the village of trolls, the only place on land where no man has ever explored before.

The amount of different descriptions were great! I liked how they wrote each scene/scenario differently that the others. The authors also did a very good job with the illustrations, especially the cover. I had truly enjoyed the amount of suspense that was put into this. I was leaning out of my seat, waiting to read what happened next. The background of the main characters was really descriptive, and made you feel like you actually knew who they were. Those were some of the parts I had liked when I read this.

Along with the great parts of the book that I had liked, there were some pretty bad parts. For example, some of the side characters had very little background and I didn’t know who they were and what relevance they had to the book itself. Another thing I didn’t like how gruesome some of the text was. It just made me want to stop reading (this will probably not happen to you).
This book was really descriptive on every page and I have to say, this is one of the best books I have read, though it is not for young kids and was written for a 13-and-older audience. There was some foul language, gory and gruesome images, so I’d advise that this book should be read by young adults who can handle creepy and gruesome text.

Troll Hunters is a novel where anything can go wrong at any time.