Doctor Who coloring book



The Doctor Who coloring book has 45 detailed coloring pages with Doctor Who quotes written on the back of each page.

The product was made for adults and I think that is a good fit. Young buyers may find it harder to concentrate on coloring such small, intricate details, while older buyers,I think, would find this product enjoyable and entertaining.

There is just one problem, when you began to color your picture it gets a little confusing. There are lines everywhere and empty spaces that aren’t accompanied with a line. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to determine which space to color what and where one line starts and another ends. Other than that the pictures are super easy to color.

I love how on each page there is a quote that a Doctor Who character has said in the show. This gives you a sense on what the picture is about and I think is a good use of the empty space.

Also, I like how much symbolism the pictures hold. In one picture there is a silhouette of a man but inside his head there are all the different characters. You can take this picture many ways, and that’s what makes these pictures so good. You can make them to be your own.