Let Your Actions Speak for You!


“Think before you speak,” this quote is in fact said so often that you would believe people would listen to it. Yet, when Autumn Falls’ father calls up to tell her that he has decided to move their entire family closer to where her crazy grandmother was recovering from an heart attack she goes ballistic on him. However, disaster strikes causing a brand new start for Autumn, her little brother, Erick and her mother. Autumn Falls by, the well-know actress from the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, Bella Thorne, is the story of moving to a new state, making new friends and falling into the queen bee’s clutches smack dab in the middle of sophomore year.

When Autumn’s family moves to Aventura, Florida after the unexpected disaster she has to learn to fit in, deal with the school queen bee and keep on top of her homework, love life and friendship. Her first step towards normality or fitting in comes when she steps out of her house on the first day of school. Well, technically when she started walking a little ways forward she met J.J Austin, the man of anagrams. J.J ends up being Autumn’s key to making new friends as he directly leads her to his posse. From there she meets Jack Rivers the king of comic books and Amalita Leibowitz the girl of power, makeup, and fashion. In homeroom, not only does Autumn meet the most handsome man in school she also ends up making an enemy of Marina Tresca, the school queen bee.

However, when Autumn receives a strange phone call from her crazy grandmother, Eddy, asking her to visit Autumn’s entire life goes spiraling off its axis. When Autumn reaches Century Acres she is whisked into her grandmother’s room. There the door is shut and Eddy gives Autumn a really nice journal. Eddy describes that Autumn’s father can sense things and that he knew about some things. Autumn soon realizes that the journal is a wish-granting factory! Autumn’s first mistake comes when she attempt to get revenge for what was done to her by the school’s mean girl.

This book is amazing and such a great story. This book has a powerful moral and had me hooked on from the beginning. The story does not start with much of a back story but instead the past shows up in flashbacks.

I recommend this book for girls of age 12 and up! The content is for a slightly more mature age as there is the normal talk of high school with the occasional kiss scenes.