The Hollywood Intrigue


A new movie comes out. Everything is perfect. The buzz feed level is high, all is ready. Until the set starts receiving threats, but this is not part of the movie. Agatha, kid detective, reporting for duty.

Agatha sets out for yet another mystery, but this Agatha is not to be confused with mystery writer Agatha Christie. This book Agatha Girl of Mystery: The Hollywood Intrigue is by Sir Steve Stevenson.

Agatha and her mystery solving side kick and cousin, Dash, get a call from the movie producer asking for help with finding the person sending threats to the movie set of Fatal Error. Agatha calls up some of her detective friends to help her solve this mystery: Uncle Bud, her cat and Chandler her butler. The group flies to Los Angeles.  Agatha searches the movie set and questions actors in the movie to find clues.  What she finds next is where the fun begins.

This book is for kids 8 and up. There are a few spots of shooting talk but otherwise this book was nicely laid out, clue after clue. However there is no violence minus the talk of guns. If kids younger than 8 want to read this I would suggest reading with an older parent. This book can be read pretty quickly.

The book is kind of confusing in parts and kind of slow in others along with some funny parts mixed in. Steve Stevenson did have you at the edge of your seat at times. I would highly suggest getting this book.

Agatha Girl of Mystery, out!