Magic, Masquerades and Masks


Princes and princesses beware for a magical beauty is on her way to enhance your presence. Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix is a tremendous book with a lot of action, secrets and betrayal. The story is of a princess by the name of Lady Truthful Newington. The setting starts out in Newington’s home, where her heirloom emerald is stolen by what seems to be a “storm spirit.”

The real the question though is who did it? Due to this Truthful’s father gets very ill due to the stress that came with the loss of the emerald. After seeing the extent of her father’s illness, Truthful decides to step out into the world and go on a quest in search of the emerald. Yet, at this point of time girls aren’t just allowed to step out unprotected, roaming the town. The solution to this dilemma, Lady Truthful pushes forward her coming out time and visits her aunt in London earlier. However, Truthful is still a lady she can’t possibly venture out alone. Yet, Truthful’s cousin can right? So, that is the solution it is as easy as that. Wait, you didn’t understand the solution? No matter just read the book and you will definitely know but, let me tell you that she adopted the same answer as Hatshepsut. There, now you know the solution!

Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix was one of the best books I have ever read. There is a variety of problem-solving skills that Truthful displays that makes her female role even stronger. The main character is a female, hence, there is a lot of women empowerment that I felt through this book. It was overall well written and had many special features. The coolest part of this book was that there were pieces of the paragraph written in French. This book has great potential for the future and is a great book overall. I recommend this book for girls ten and up! Out of five stars, I gives this book 4.5 stars as it was amazing and totally worth the read. So, come on hop on it and check this book out in a library or bookstore by you!