Anyone Can Be Anything



“Anyone can be anything,” was the common thread that ran through Disney’s new movie ‘Zootopia’.The movie set out to break stereotypes through the use of animals.

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) grew up in Bunnyburrow with 275 brothers and sisters. Growing up Judy had one destination in life, and that was the ZPD (Zootopia Police Department). Her parents-being carrot farmers, want Judy to forget her dream and stay in Bunnyburrow to be a carrot farmer. After years of training, Judy finally makes it to ZPD. When she gets there nobody treats her seriously, calling her “dumb bunny.” Judy sets out to break that stereotype, but is held back when she’s initially assigned parking duty. This all changes when she literally stumbles into a missing animals case.

She hustles Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) into helping her solve the case. They are an unlikely pair, Judy being the optimistic one and Nick believing ‘you are what you are’, don’t work well together at the beginning. Even though they don’t work well in the beginning, they manage to push away all differences to solve the case.
‘Zootopia’ had a lot of twists and turns, that kept the audience guessing. The movie also had great deal of adult humor, which kept the adults laughing and entertained.

One of the most enjoyable things to watch in ‘Zootopia’ was how real the animals looked. The animators did a great job making the animals look believable. Kira Lehtomaki was one of the Animation Supervisors for ‘Zootopia’. Lehtomaki says,” ‘Zootopia’ took around 5 years to complete, because of how slow the animation process is. You work on 4 seconds of the film every week, so it takes a while to complete the whole movie.”

Although young children may not understand the message, they will still enjoy watching ‘Zootopia’. This is a movie that most kids and adults will learn from. You walk away thinking you can be anything you set your heart to. I would recommend this movie for all ages, it was a great movie that kept me on the edge of my seat.