Girls Can Be Anything


On March 5th the Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosted the Girls and Science event to inspire thousands of girls to love science. It was ran hundreds of women there who work in science-related fields! You can explore different science clubhouses, which are pretty much little exhibits about different careers strong women work in and learn about how even the most unexpected things like theater can be related to science. The clubhouses include many hands-on activities you can participate in. Sparkfun Demos and Class are some of the special activities not in the clubhouse along with the Colorado Collaborative for Girls in Stem, but that’s not all.

There are 27 clubhouses in all, and they include studies like physical therapy, theater, app-making, television reporting, and weather, so try it out, test it, and play! If you go to next year’s program, you can talk to people like Colleen Carter, who works at the DMNS and ignites a strong passion for science.

Colleen Carter is an excellent role model for any girl, since she understands why science is so important to girls and teaches her two daughters the same way. Mrs. Carter helps run the education collection part of the museum that you can touch and helps with field trips at the museum along with doing Girls and Science and teaching visitors. She thinks very strongly about the idea that “girls can do anything they want to do.” She wants to be one of the voices inside of your head that says “I can do it” because thousands and millions of women have chosen their paths and been successful because they followed their dreams.

Some of the most interesting clubhouses are Homey’s Build an App, where you can think of an idea for an app and make it come to life in front of you, or Lauren’s Weather Lab, where you can go up on a big screen and report the “weather”. However, clubhouses like this one get very busy (since there were more than 15,000 humans at the exhibit and a skink) so you may have to wait in a long line.

Overall, the event was fun and I learned a lot. I also got the opportunity to talk to many great scientists in different careers. However, you had to choose carefully (while avoiding being ran over by a herd of people), because some of the exhibits were more organized and had cheerful and ecstatic workers to tell you about their jobs. The main message to remember from the event is that you can be anything as long as you try hard.

The Girls and Science program was an inspirational event that any girl should go to. To find out more about next year’s 3rd annual Girl’s and Science event, go to the website: