Apollo: The Brilliant One


The newest edition to the Olympians series by George O’Conner is Apollo: The Brilliant One. As the 8th book in the series, it tells the origins and adventures of Apollo, the Greek god of music, archery, medicine, and prophecy. It is similar to the Percy Jackson series because it is educational, and an enjoyable way to learn about Greek mythology.

All nine Muses, the goddesses of the arts and sciences, set off on a pilgrimage to a shrine of Apollo, and each recounts a tale of the Greek god. Starting at his birth, Apollo’s mother was a she-wolf named Leto and his father was Zeus, god of thunder and lightning as well as king of the Greek gods. Beginning to mature, Apollo faces a gigantic snake, falls in love with a wild nymph, and has a musical challenge with a satyr. Apollo gradually grows and faces more and more challenges. The consequences of his skill, short temper, and pride, affect his life in good and bad ways.

Finishing the book was easy, it took me about one hour to read the whole thing. Once I ended the book, I was excited for more. I was happy to find that this is but one book in a large series of graphic novels. Not only is the writing exceptional and educational, but also the art is great. The book series is a great was to teach, younger children about ancient Greek mythology in a fun, new way.

The novel was a tad bit violent, one scene shows Apollo shooting a huge snake with his bow, and another mentions him skinning a satyr alive. Because of this, I would recommend this to children above 2nd grade. Due to its shortness and artwork, I would also suggest this graphic novel as a family read aloud, or to librarians who want to have a fun reading hour. Overall, I loved this book and recommend it to all children above 2nd grade.