The Three Musketeers Are Back At It With The Superheroes


Tremendous, action-packed and fantastic are the only three words that can be used to describe Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This movie was incredible and definitely a must-see. As most superhero fans know (and the title of this movie) implies that this is a story about Superman and Batman.

This movie begins with the story of how Batman came to be who he is. Batman is played by the well-known, Golden Globe winner Ben Affleck. After moving past that emotional scene and as to why he is called Batman we get to see Superman for the first time. Superman is played by the dashing Henry Cavill as a return from his earlier Superman days in the movie Man of Steel. Both fit the role really well and hence, their acting keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie. Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane who ends up being an important part to this film is played by Amy Adams. Diana Prince played by, Gal Gadot, ends up becoming the third musketeer in the superhero gang.

At first in this story, we realize that Batman is out to get Superman because somebody has staged Superman as a murderer in the eyes of the public. They work to fight against each other. Yet, Superman realizes that he truly needs Batman’s help in order to save his mother. He attempts to talk to Batman yet, Batman relentlessly doesn’t listen. This movie questions everything we know about the difference between right and wrong and makes you second-guess which superhero you would support.It also makes you ponder who the actual villain is in this story making the suspense even greater, and the audience attention even higher. While all the characters in this movie have a strong role the women roles truly affected me, making me shine with pride. Every single female character in this movie is displayed as a strong and hard-working lady, especially that of Diana Prince.

Throughout this movie there were some gruesome scenes but, that is expected considering it is a superhero movie. However, I can see why this movie was rated PG-13. Overall I loved this movie and it was definitely one of a kind. This is probably the best superhero movie I have ever seen. The technology was so advanced in the movie that it completed the atmosphere of this movie. I expected nothing less and came back excited for a (hopeful) part two. I recommend this movie to anybody above the age 12 whether you are a girl or a boy. I am not that much of a superhero-movie loving type of person but, this one is one that you should not miss. Out of five stars I give this movie 4.5 stars. So, watch out for it as it flies by in a movie theater by you!