Thrones and Bones: Frostborn By Lou Anders: Book Review


Ever thought of how life would be like in a world with all giants, trolls, humans, dragons and a creature that looks a lot like Toothless the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon? Well, in the book, Thrones and Bones: Frostborn by Lou Anders the first book, it demonstrates all of that in twenty chapters and each of the chapters very detailed and intense!
The book starts out with a chase in the sky. Apparently a girl named Talaria had stolen something very precious from where she was from and now some of the warriors from her village are chasing her to retrieve that item. Now, this isn’t like any chase scene from an action movie or any fantasy movie with blasts of spells with yelling, screaming or crashes. It’s a chase in the sky with three warriors after one girl on creatures called wyverns. They’re dragon-like creatures that are described like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. They blow fire and everything! After a while of chasing, Talaria decided to do something that will likely cost her her life. Even so, it seems like this item is so important that she is willing to take that chance.
The story finally starts with a boy named Karn. This takes place thirteen years later after the chase in the sky. Karn was a normal farm boy that lived with his father, Korlundr and uncle, Ori. He’s a Norroner who is obsessed with the board game called Thrones and Bones. He would much rather play the game than work and take over his father’s farm. He refuses to learn how to work a farm properly. He wants to go on adventures and leave the farm. This is, despite his shyness and insecurities. Soon, he will face an adventure that will challenge all his skills as the son of Korlundr with a very interesting background history and his skills as Karn himself.
Meanwhile, in another part of this world in the Ymirian mountains where the Frost giants live, with lots of snow, Thianna, the daughter of the tribe leader that’s in charge is once again in a duel with her nemesis and bully, Thrudgelmir. Thrudgelimir a full grown Frost giant that can easily squash a metal can without even knowing it, despises Thianna, a half giant. She isn’t fully giant nor is she fully human. Thianna hates herself for not being a full giant. She’s shorter than most of the giants. She’s only seven feet tall while the others are ten to twelve feet. She often wonders why she was born. All she wants is to fit in. She doesn’t want to be an outcast. She wants to stay in the village comfortably. She wants all of this despite her athletic abilities and quick wits. She too will soon face an adventure that will challenge all that she’s been taught.
Karn and Thianna will soon meet in a fateful encounter but will this encounter be beneficial or dangerous to the world? What about the item that Talaria had? Why is Thianna only half giant? How come Karn’s family has such a dark history? Their lives will all change because of one grave.

The book also has a map of the land in the beginning of the book, has a glossary to help pronounce all the names and places of where Karn and Thianna will go, and even lyrics to a song that is very important to the book that is involved with the mysterious grave. Something great to read on a rainy day or just out of boredom. Highly encouraged.